To improve the induction process for new staff at the University, an induction checklist has been added to HORUS to provide a trackable method for supervisors, staff, and the Human Resources Division to ensure induction has occurred.

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. Now it's time to create an induction checklist, so that you're fully prepared for your new starter's first day.



Make sure you’re available to welcome the new employee when they arrive. 5. Download our induction template checklist here.


Finally, work with them to create goals for their first 30, 60 and 90 days on the job. Provides consistency: Every new hire should receive the same level of attention and detail when they start a new job. .

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It’ll be harder to show that you’ve complied with any award obligations (if applicable).

This is a template an employer can adapt or develop to meet its needs.

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Our onboarding and induction template includes everything you’ll need to create a standout employee induction experience your new starters will remember for all the right reasons. This can help to ensure that the induction was.

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Improve your induction process with our free HR onboarding checklist template.
Alternatively, you can use it as a guide to create your own.

Directors of Nursing in a particular service area, public health nurses etc.

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. Create a Checklist. Manager/supervisor: Department/Section: Explain your business: The structure.

A typical checklist of elements to include in an induction programme is: 1. . Divide tasks into pre-start date, day one, end of the first week, month one, and beyond. 4. .

Explain the management structure of the company.

Explain the management structure of the company. .

This usually indicates what needs to be done immediately before the new employees start work, what can be done preferably before or as soon as they start work, and what can be done over a.

Show them the premises, introducing them to colleagues as you walk around.

Conducting online orientation for remote employees.

From getting new starters to send over relevant employee documents, to making sure meetings with managers are scheduled during the employees’ first few weeks, there are many tasks.